How’s it going? What’s up? Thanks. Ok. Sure. How much? Really? Say again. Where is it? Good Bye!

Our day is filled with uncomplicated, repetitive talk that we take for granted. For millions of speech impaired people, this interaction with the hearing world is anything but simple. Hello solves this.

eHello is a hardware/software/internet solution to enable a speech-impaired individual to easily deal with the hearing world. A small Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) holds thousands of simple phrases. This small PDA contains a speaker. By simply pointing and clicking, the user instructs the PDA to “speak.”

The user joins our internet subscription service and is able to download thousands of different phrases in many different (male, female, etc.) voices as well as personal information, such as name and address. In addition, the user is able to order custom phrases for special occasions.

The above unit is approximately 3.25 x 5 inches.

We own patent pending technology and have the expertise to bring eHello to market quickly (months). Research and Development is done. We need your financial backing to bring this service to market.

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